Something About Jack 05
Another Day In The Life Of Jack!!!CHARLENE and SASHA: In an effort to try and launch my rap career, my friend Charlene introduced me to DEAF HOE`S CEO, Suge Wright, and while she was doing EVERYTHING to convince him to sign me a record deal, I found myseld taking advantage of Mr. Wright`s hospitality...the maid, Sasha!!!JEANNIE RIVERS: This was OBVIOUSLY a case of mistaken identity, and to tell the truth, I`m STILL not really sure why the BEAUTIFUL blonde came by my homie B`s apartment in the first place!!!  But she just made me an offer that I simply COULDN`T refuse!!!  You GOTTA see this!!!ZENA: Can you believe she came to pick up her car from the auto mechanic with NO MONEY!!!  But of course, Mark, my mechanic friend knows OTHER forms of compensation, and I made sure that he was paid in full!!!TASHA HUNTER: When I saw this gorgeous, young damsel in distress (car trouble) I didn`t hesitate to offer my help!!!  And when she found out I was her new n...
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Stars: Sasha,Zena,Jack,Charlene Aspen,Tasha Hunter,Jeannie Rivers,
Director: Jack
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